The Sanctuary

15 Acres of 'More Good Days...'

Our Private Sanctuary is located on 15 peaceful Acres in North Texas on the founders property.  The Facility boasts almost 10 acres of pasture, a 4 stall barn with a medical stall, stall mattresses, a quarantine pen,  pasture shelters done to the nines for our retirees complete with stall mattresses to give them the best in their final years-personally funded by the Founders.  The Sanctuary is currently home to 10 horses (1 Pony and 2 Minis) rescued from Slaughter, a retired Appendix QH Show Jumper, 6 sanctuary rescue cats who for various reasons whether medical or house training are ineligible for adoption, 6 dogs (4 residents and 2 fosters), a litter of 7 rescue puppies and 20 chickens plus our local N Texas Foster Network.  We will be opening seasonally for farm tours and hosting small events to help fund the rescues feed and their care.

Our Story

My Husband Jordan and I grew up in Kansas, where we met at the University of Kansas.  Jordan was a talented and dedicated Baseball player at KU double majoring in Psychology & Sports Management, while I continued my career in the Hunter/Jumper Circuit for AQHA while  simultaneously getting my degree in Psychology and being a member of my Sorority, Delta Gamma.  Jordan and I both love animals, but I would say that I grew up with a passion and obsession with animals from a young age.  I began riding at age 3 and showing in the Hunters at the age of 6.  Our lives ended up taking up both to Dallas, TX where we recently relocated to our Farm property in North Texas.  I immediately knew I wanted to fill our property with 'all the animals' but I never realized that our first two additions, a pair of Belgian Drafts: Bonnie & Clyde from the local Kill Pen would change the trajectory of our lives the way that it has.  What began with Bonnie & Clyde, has turned into our successful rescue of 13 horses, 2 donkeys,  9 cats and 24 dogs.  As well as the adoptions of 6 horses, 2 donkeys, 15 dogs and 4 cats just since July 2022 all done by the two of us in our free time from our Full Time Small Businesses that we run.  We do not take a salary from the rescue, we volunteer our property and our time.  Jordan is the ''maintenance man' in every aspect from fixing drainage in paddocks, building fences, repairs to assisting me whatever I need animals wise.  Jordan also graciously allowed me to evict him from his office and man cave since December when we  rescued a pregnant Pyr Mix & her friend from a construction site two hours south.  Might I add Jordan also delivered the first two puppies solo, as we had also just found out we are expecting our first child...at the time I was praising the porcelain God when he happily came in to brag he delivered two puppies by himself.  He's truly a Saint and always game for whatever nonsense or wild adventure I have up my sleeve....and no matter how stressful things can get around here, he does it all with a smile.  Until May, I was the sole caretaker of all the Sanctuary animals and rescues, I have left this property once in two years for a 4 day trip... As some may know we welcomed our first Human Child, Lennon, on May 18th when I had a placental abruption at 30 weeks. She is currently being a little rockstar in the NICU and we have welcomed, Dawn, our new Rescue Manager & Caretaker who has been the biggest blessing.  Maintaining and expanding the rescue without her would not be possible with our new life circumstances.  With the rising costs of feed, animals being dumped at records numbers, taking on the load of animals we have and having to hire a full time employee, while battling inflation and a struggling economy as we have understandably seen a drop in available donations...we are understandably strapped and beyond grateful for our loyal and committed supporters, even if it's just sharing us on social media.  It all means something.  We never could have imagined this is what we'd be doing in our 'spare time'.  We have sacrificed an insane amount financially, but also personally.  We miss out on many family events as we are unable to leave the animals, as we don't have the resources to employ staff, and honestly i'm a control freak who wants to know and have a hand in every aspect of the animals care.  We have sacrificed so much in a short period of time, but the lives we have been able to save, change and amazing homes we have been able to find has been beyond rewarding.  We have truly built ourselves from the fire and hope to be able to continue with the vast amounts of success we have had in such a short period.  It is only because of you, our supporters that we are able to continue to do so.  From the bottom of our hearts and from these animals, who are all beyond loved and cared for whether they are on sanctuary for medical/behavioral reasons, or hospice program or those who are just passing through while we find their perfect Humans...We're all eternally grateful you have faith and trust in our mission and support our sometimes brutal transparency.  As long as we have the support to continue this wild ride, we will do so. 

Our mission

Our mission is simple...to aid in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of any animals we can.  Whatever animals cannot be safely or confidently rehomed we keep on Sanctuary on our personal Farm in North Texas.  Our aim is to adopt to loving, responsible families but we do keep Sanctuary animals for good reasons such as behavioral or medical reasons.  The amount of animals needing rescue and homes far outweighs the number of Animal Rescues able to service them, so we hope to be a small outlet in a world of other rescues doing whatever they can to make a difference.  We frequently work with and network with other reputable rescues to have as large and widespread of an impact as we can.  We also strive to educate our audience and supporters on the grim realities of Animal abuse and abandonment in the US as well as the responsibilities of pet ownership. 

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