• SLAUGHTER AUCTION PRICE: Varies $25 - $3,000. 
         This price depends on horses condition, prognosis, coloring, papers or any training they can capitalize on to upcharge.
         (*Kill Pens will try to 'up-charge' for nice, well trained, good condition horses or horses with papers..for these we come in within 24hrs of their slaughter transport to see if       they will take a lower price that is still higher than the slaughter houses.)
  • Quarantine: $35 per day, minimum 14 days. $490
  • Farrier: $50- $100 For a barefoot trim, depending on size of horse. $200+ if need to be shod.
  • Wormer: $15-$23 Depending on horses weight, parasite type and load.
  • Fecal Test: $25
  • General Exam, without issues found: $250+
         For perspective...Routine Colic care is $500 or in a worst case scenario Freyja's Elbow Fracture, her Surgery and care was $15,000 
  • Transport: $700


  • Quarantine Shed: $7,800 a Quarantine setup on our property will eliminate costly fees to quarantine at another facility and allow better and more immediate veterinary care from our trusted vets. 
  • Quarantine Fencing: $1,800
  • Medical Stall for recoveries, accidents & emergencies: $2,800  this set up would allow us to take on more serious health cases as we'd be properly setup to care for then onsite.
  • Rescue Ranch Hand: $25/hr
  • Used Warmblood Trailer to fit Draft horses. $22,000  This will eliminate $700 per horse transports from the Kill Pen and Farm Call Fees. It will be solely used as an 'Ambulance' and transport from the Pens. 
  • 5 Dog Kennels for onsite Dog Rescue with needed insulation, A/C and heat for Seasons.  Estimate from contractor: $38,000 +/- While we will heavily rely on Fosters, we are hoping to be able to eventually afford 5 onsite Kennels to house cases that need more attention. 

Every Day Expenses:

  • 3 String Alfalfa Bale: $28 , Depending on time of year we will go through two bales a day. $56
  • 3 String Timothy Hay Bale: $40.  Depending on the time of year and state of the pasture, we can go through up to 3 bales per day. $120
  • 25lb Bag Senior Pellets: $40.94, About 3 Bags per week. $123
  • Farrier: $80-$280 Depending on size and if it's a trim or full Shod.  Depending on the horse they are trimmed every 4-6 weeks.
  • Wormer & Testing:  $15-$23 for wormer tube, varies by type of parasite, weight of horse and parasitic load.  $25 for Herd testing every 3 months. 
  • PEMF Therapy: $70 Large Horses, $40 Ponies 
  • Pine Shavings for Stall $7 per Bag, average stall takes 9 bags per week at $63 per week.
  • Crucial Monthly Medications and Supplements for existing rescues:  $3,000 per month.  Many of our rescues are severely arthritic or Cushings positive and require very expensive medications. 
  • Teeth Floating: Annually as needed $250+