Each and every cent we receive is beyond a blessing for us, no one takes a paycheck from donations it 100% goes straight to our rescues and what makes it possible for us to continue rescuing.  What began as a self funded mission by my Husband Jordan and I, has grown beyond our capacity to continue this road alone.  As you can imagine, rescuing is not just emotionally draining at times...it is always financially draining, especially when we are dealing with Equines.  The simplest Vet visit can lead to a devastating bill, and sadly available finances will be the determining factor on prognosis, treatment and the ability to take on more rescues.  We hope you know each and every cent of your donation will be spent to better animals lives and where able, to find loving homes.  We can't thank you enough for considering supporting us in any way possible.  All Donations are Tax Deductible so please be sure to save and submit your PayPal Donation receipt.  If you want to contribute but now is not the proper time to financially contribute, adding us as your organization of choice on AmazonSmile is a Financial obligation free way to help.  While you shop or get your items, Amazon will donate a percentage of the cost of your order to support us.  We are beyond grateful for any support and can't begin to describe how much this journey and these animals have changed our life for the better.     

With love and endless gratitude, Blaine & Jordan 

*AmazonSmile Note: Make sure to save AmazonSmile to your Bookmark tab or on the app as we only receive a donation from Amazon if you are using smile.amazon.com, not amazon.com